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9/2017-1/2018 Charles Shinauld from Vanguard Processing group is a liar and WILL scam you out of everything.Do not believe a word he or anyone from this company says.

They dont help anyone but themselves to your money and your life. We have lived in our home for 18 yrs! We were gullable enough to fall for his spiel about being able to help us catch up on the 1 payment we were behind on our mortgage. He took us for over 2300.00 dollars!!

Never sent the 1st payment to our mortgage company!!! We are now going to be forclosed on! Puts me, my disabled husband and our 2 grandkids..2 and 4 yrs old out on the street. Our stupidity i know, but come on!!!

This needs to STOP!!!!!!! PLEASE PEOPLE, PUT THIS COMPANY OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! Already working on my end doing what i can with the California Attorney generals office.

Just watch out people.Dont end up like us.

Review about: Vanguard Processing Group Mortgage Modification.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Yeah, he is a lying, scamming, stealing rat!!!I'm so sorry he got to you guys as well.

Maybe if we all pull together, somehow we can stop him! I'm doing all I can on my end.

If anyone else is out there googling him, hope you see this and DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY AT ALL!!!!RUN!


He took my money as well my name is Christina clark charles shiunald is a lair please don't fall for his lies


They took our money as well.


Charles Shinauld from Vanguard Processing Group is a SCAMMER!!!!!

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